KLM's Must See Map

Aren’t the best tips those from your friends? KLM’s latest online campaign helps participants gather ‘must-see city tips’ from their friends via Facebook, Twitter and/or e-mail. These tips will be plotted in a printed city map that will be delivered at home. For free.

All tips on 1 map
When someone has planned a trip he usually approaches friends to gather tips about their destination. But how organize these tips? KLM’s new Must See Map helps out! You’ll not only get the name of the ice cream shop where they have the best strawberry flavor, you now also know how to find it. On a printed sightseeing map, all tips are shown in a personalized and clear way.

How it works
It’s quite easy. First step is to select a travel destination, then to invite friends via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail to share their 'to do' or 'must see' tips in that place. The participant decides when the map is ready to be printed. Three weeks after ordering it will be delivered home. And naturally it is possible to view the personalized Must See Map online.

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