KLM's Happy Holidays flight

On a stormy autumn day, KLM stewardess Natalie surprised some travellers at Amsterdam Airport with a Christmas present.

What happened?
Just before their Chicago-bound flight, some lucky passengers were invited to take a seat in a festive Christmas-themed Business Class theatre, to put up their feet and await further events…
Once airborne, a Happy Holidays show was performed by the famous Amsterdam based comedy institution Boom Chicago. And of course, Santa did not forget about all the other passengers and made a merry tour around the aircraft!
KLM’s Happy Holidays Flight is another one of our small acts of kindness - because deeds speak louder than tweets! We just love surprising our customers every now and then.
Have you been good this year?
The video invites viewers to share their good deeds of the past year with KLM. Some of them too will be surprised with a personal Santa gift.

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