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KLM gives small personal gifts at Schiphol Airport to customers who have indicated through social media that they fly with KLM. If you use the location based social networking site Foursquare or place a message on Twitter at @ klmsurprise, indicating that you will fly with KLM that day, it may just happen that the KLMsurprise team finds you and surprises you.

As soon as someone checks in via Foursquare at Schiphol or another airport KLM flies to, KLM tries to contact him or her through the @ klmsurprise account on Twitter. The message is that KLM has a little surprise. Next the KLMsurprise team comes into action to quickly offer a surprising, personalized gift before the customer is on board.
Martijn van der Zee, vice president of KLM E-Commerce: "The team devises an original surprise that really fits the person who receives it. We offer people an attentive KLM experience. This way, we gave a PSV fan heading towards New York a Lonely Planet guide in which we had circled all the pubs where he could watch live matches of PSV. Dennis, a customer on his way to a conference in Boston, we gave a notebook in which he could immediately capture the best ideas he would encounter".

KLMsurprise fits in KLM's campaign slogan "Journeys of Inspiration" by surprising and inspiring people during their trip.

Martijn van der Zee: "KLM wants to achieve a number of objectives through these actions. The goal is to make our fan base - people who find it worthwhile to follow us on Facebook or Twitter - increase. We also want that our existing followers - almost 80,000 fans on Facebook and 60,000 Twitter followers - remain enthusiastic about KLM and share this with their friends."

KLMsurprise runs until 26 November, but KLM customers can expect even more next in the area of social media.

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