KLM Secret Cities Twitter contest

As from today, KLM's Twitter followers have a chance on winning 2 flight tickets every week. From Monday March 28 to Friday April 22, Secret Cities participants can guess the exact location of a daily changing picture. The winner is the one with the closest guess during that week.

KLM Twitter followers receive a daily tweet with a link to a picture of that days secret location, and a small hint. By pinpointing a flag on a world map, the followers easily participate in the contest. The weekly winner will get two flight tickets to his or her preferred secret city of that week.

KLM actively uses Social Media. KLM offers customers the option of posting service queries and engaging in dialogue via Twitter and Facebook. KLM also regularly announces promotional campaigns and special offers via these channels. Recently KLM offered its Facebook followers, exclusively, a free personalized luggage label.

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