KLM Live Reply

See how 140 people create a personal answer

Just how personal can an answer be? Take a look:

Today, KLM staff spends 12 hours responding to queries and comments on Twitter, Facebook and Hyves. But instead of doing so in the usual way, they formulated an answer together – a Live Reply!

KLM’s aim is to demonstrate just how personal its social media service really is. Every day, dozens of KLM staff are ready to reply to queries via the social media. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Service queries get a response within an hour, and are resolved within 24 hours. That is our objective, worldwide.

KLM Live Reply is a unique social media campaign that needs to be seen to be fully understood. See a clip of an answer being formulated, and have a look behind the scenes at KLM Live Reply.

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