KLM Launches Trip Planner

Plan a trip with friends via Facebook

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has launched a platform for swiftly and simply organising a trip with Facebook friends. This is the latest step in KLM’s drive towards the integration of social media into its core activities.

Earlier this year, KLM introduced Meet & Seat, becoming the first airline to integrate social networks and flight data. KLM has now supplemented this “social seating” service with a Trip Planner platform facilitating “social booking”.

Planning a trip with friends can be quite a challenge, but KLM Trip Planner makes this fun and easy. The delegated trip organiser selects a groups of travellers among their Facebook friends. After choosing a destination, various travel dates and available ticket prices, the organiser asks the selected friends to indicate which of the options has their preference. The booking can subsequently be made very simply in a secure section of klm.com, without having to email, text or phone an agent.

The KLM Trip Planner can also help customers find a suitable destination. Based on the group’s members and their interests, KLM offers three suggestions that vary depending on the main purpose of the trip, whether it be shopping, attending a football match or some other activity.

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