KLM inspires customers through experience platform at klm.com

KLM introduces an innovative online platform on klm.com, in which videos, images and audio seduce visitors to experience KLM products and services. By clicking on the moving images on klm.com, the client is guided to the platform without leaving the page.

KLM’s goal with this platform is not only to provide practical information to visitors to klm.com, but, first and foremost, to inspire them. It enables KLM to offer visitors a “journey of inspiration” even before departure.

Customers get a foretaste of on-board services (such as the meal), a peak behind the scenes, and more background information on KLM and its history in a unique way. In addition, every component of the interactive platform can be shared with friends through social media.

The platform was developed with the latest technology, including HTML5 and a digital asset management system, which means that the current number of more than 20 videos and interactive elements can be easily expanded. This approach also enables KLM to easily re-use the content within the website and in mobile apps.

One of the greatest challenges presented by this new technology was to translate the platform into no fewer than sixteen languages and render it suitable for different types of browsers.

Concept & Design: Tribal DDB
Design & User Experience: Mirabeau
Digital Asset Management System: SDL Media Manager
IT Development: KLM

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